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Muscles, Joints, and Movement: The Body in Action

The human body is a marvelous interplay of muscles, bones, and joints. Muscles provide strength and enable movement through contraction and relaxation. Bones offer structure and protection, while joints act as pivot points for smooth motion.

This category provides an in-depth understanding of products such as Magnesium, MSM Glucosamine Chondroitin, Glucosamine Powder, and Creatine Monohydrate.

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Buying movement supplements

Looking for high-quality movement supplements? The Kala Health web store offers premium nutritional supplements. We’ve developed these supplements ourselves, based on years of specialization. Having a look at our selection of movement supplements is easy and quick through our web store and we offer a wide assortment. Order your favourite supplements before 15:00 and we’ll ship your order the same day.

The power of Kala Health

Our aim is to introduce movement supplements to the market that aren’t just pharmaceutically superior, but that contain ingredients whose efficacy is supported by scientific research. Aside from that, we also offer an unmatched price-quality ratio for our products. We live up to our motto of “the highest quality for the lowest price”! We offer:

  • Free shipping available
  • Constant development, unique products
  • Scientifically proven efficacy
  • Superior ingredients
  • Same day shipping
  • Highest quality, lowest price

How our movement supplements are developed

We develop our movement supplements ourselves, based on the expertise offered by internationally renowned scientists. We also control the entire manufacturing process for our nutritional supplements, from the purchase of raw ingredients to the production of tablets, pills and capsules. In order to do so, we work closely with manufacturers in Europe and the United States. Our manufacturers, ingredients and production process meet the highest quality criteria (GMP, HACCP). We can guarantee premium movement supplements with our quality certificates.

Our ‘Natural Movement’ product line

We carry a special product line called ‘Natural Movement’, which contains various types of movement supplements. We offer Natural Movement tablets, vegan Natural Movement capsules and Natural Movement Plus capsules. The Natural Movement tables distinguish themselves by their combination of four high-quality active ingredients, while the vegan Natural Movement capsules boast five. The vegan Natural Movement capsules are free of excipients, and, you guessed it: all ingredients are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The Natural Movement Plus capsules are free of excipients as well, but unlike the other two products in the Natural Movement line, they actually contain no less than six high-quality active ingredients.

More information about our movement supplements

Would you like to order our movement supplements directly? This is quick and easy through our web store. If you have any more questions or want to request additional information, you can fill out the contact form on our website, call +31(0)703450290 or email

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