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Kala Health quality

The purest form

KALA Health is an international company with offices in the Netherlands and the United States. Since 1997, we have specialised in the development of high-quality nutritional supplements that meet the following requirements:

1. The ingredients used are of the highest quality;
2. Ingredient efficacy has been scientifically proven
3. Our price-quality ratio is unparalleled.

We make this goal a reality by drawing on the expertise of leading international scientists. We purchase raw materials personally, directly from manufacturers worldwide who work according to the highest quality standards.  Our products consist of pure ingredients only.

About Kala Health

How do we achieve this goal?

1. We use the expertise of leading international scientists to develop our products
2. We source all raw materials ourselves, directly from manufacturers in Europe and the United States who operate under GMP.  All our ingredients are without exception of the highest quality, and almost always a so-called ‘Marking ingredient’. This means that certificates are available for all these ingredients, which guarantee the quality of both the producer and the ingredient.
3. We regularly have raw materials tested at renowned, independent laboratories.
4. We deliver our raw materials ourselves to manufacturers in Europe and the United States, who process them for us into tablets, capsules, powders and cosmetics.
5. We deliver our products directly to our customers.
Our motto is: “THE HIGHEST QUALITY FOR THE LOWEST PRICE”, and we live up to our motto!

In short, we control the entire process: from product development, via the purchase of raw materials to the final manufacture of our products. All steps in the process are carried out according to the highest quality criteria (GMP, HACCP) and are guaranteed in black and white by quality certificates.

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