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Immune system

Immunity: Your Body’s Defense Mechanism

Immunity, also known as resistance, is the body’s ability to defend itself against pathogens and harmful external influences. It involves a complex system of cells, proteins, and organs working together to fight infections and maintain overall health.

Building immunity is essential for robust health. This can be achieved through a healthy lifestyle, balanced nutrition, and adequate sleep. Additionally, dietary supplements like Vitamin C and Vitamin D can provide support in this regard. Discover how to enhance your natural defense and improve your immunity.

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Immune booster vitamin supplements

Kala Health specializes in the development of high-quality immune booster supplements. We control the production process from start to finish, buying raw ingredients directly and then having them made into tablets, pills or capsules, using manufacturers in the United States and Europe. Our production process meets the highest quality criteria. Curious about our range of immune booster supplements? You can find all of our products in the web store. Order your immune booster vitamins before 15:00 we’ll ship them the same day!

Kala Health’s immune booster supplements

As an international company, we boast branches in The Netherlands and the United States. Our aim is to bring you nutritional supplements with ingredients whose efficacy has actually been proven. Our immune booster supplements are of pharmaceutical grade quality and our price-quality ratio is and remains unparalleled. Other advantages include:

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  • Constant development, unique products
  • Highest quality, lowest price
  • Scientifically proven efficacy
  • Superior ingredients

Vegan capsules

We carry two types of immune booster supplements made with 100% plant-based capsules: our Vegan Immune complex 60 Capsules BIO and Cordyceps 60 Vegan Capsules BIO. The Vegan Immune complex 60 Capsules BIO consist of plant-based capsules containing 100mg of seven different mushrooms, which are cultivated on a substrate of biological, whole-grain rice in one of the cleanest regions of the United States. These mushrooms are capable of absorbing almost any compound found in the soil, converting them into vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The Cordyceps 60 Vegan Capsules BIO consist of plant-based capsules containing 800mg of the original mushroom: Cordyceps sinensis, which is cultivated in the same region. This immune booster vitamin by Kala Health also guarantees the presence of all valuable compounds.

Daily multivitamin

You can take a daily multivitamin to supplement any deficiencies, compensating for the diminished nutrient levels in our modern-day diets. This helps to improve your immune system. Kala Health’s Daily Multivitamin has the following properties:

  • Almost all-natural, 100% vegan formula
  • No additives or flavourings
  • Contains seawater concentrate, rich in natural minerals and trace elements
  • Contains a concentrate of several algae, rich in natural vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids
  • Some vitamins and minerals have been added for orthomolecular dosages

More information about our immune boosting vitamin

Our immune booster vitamin supplements are a breeze to order through our web store. Looking for more information about these supplements or do you have any more questions? Feel free to contact us by calling +31(0)703450290, emailing or by filling out our contact form.

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