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6 Tips for stress awareness and symptom reduction

6 Ways to deal with stress: stress awareness tips and ways to reduce your symptoms

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Stress can lead to some uncomfortable physical and mental complaints such as fatigue, irritation, and skin rashes. In this article we’ve compiled our stress awareness tips and useful information to hopefully reduce your stress symptoms.


Everyone will encounter a stressful situation at some point in their life, that’s for sure. We do however have a choice in how we deal with these situations. In addition, we can build routines that can help us de-stress. We have made a selection of things that you can apply in your daily life to prevent and combat overwrought symptoms.

1.   Become aware of what causes you stress

Because physical symptoms such as stress rashes have a mental origin, we probably cannot solve them by taking good care of our body alone. That is why it is important to become aware of what situations cause us stress, so that we can prepare for them and deal with them better when the situation occurs.


Keeping track of and writing down what causes you stress can be a useful tool. You can start applying this technique easily and quickly. For example, keep track of the moments which caused you the most stress during one week. This way you can pinpoint the situations that are tough on your mental wellbeing, and take this into account when you plan your week.

2.   Tackle your tasks and problems in a tactical way

When we are overwrought and stressed it can be hard to see the big picture. Goals we set for ourselves seem unattainable because we don’t know the best path to achieve them. It can be very helpful to analyze your tasks and divide them into small steps that are feasible. In this way, by completing these steps one by one, we can achieve our final goal.

3.   Talk about it with people close to you

Because stress largely takes place in our heads it can be a very lonely experience. One of our stress awareness tips is to talk about your stress factors with friends and family. This can be useful for putting things in perspective, and articulating things to others can help you see things in a new light. And of course support from family and friends is always welcome when you are in a tough spot.

4.   Focus on yourself

It can be difficult these days to get through the day without being inundated with impressions from all sorts of sources. Through social media and news apps we are constantly bombarded with concerns for the outer world. This can be a huge stress factor for some people. For this reason we have made this one of our stress awareness tips: if you find yourself easily distracted and stressed out by external factors, consider limiting the time you spend reading social media and news articles.

5.   Take good care of your body

Our physical and mental well-being are directly connected.For example, the mental factor stress can cause physical complaints such as skin rash stress, fatigue and headaches. Fortunately, this also works the other way around. Through a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise, we can build a routine that helps us create security and take good care of our body. In addition to sports and nutrition, a good multivitamin can support you to find a balance in your body. These are valuable tools in your fight against stress.

6.   Avoid drugs and alcohol

Some people see drugs and alcohol as a temporary solution to stress. However, they can make the overwrought symptoms last longer or even make them worse.

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