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Omega 3 Vegan Supplements: Omega 3 options while on a vegan diet

The influences of vegan food on the body

Over the past decade, following a vegan diet has become increasingly popular due to its positive impact not only on the environment, but also on animal welfare and health. Research has shown several health benefits such as:

– Reduction of heart problems,

– Less risk of type 2 diabetes

– Reducing risk for certain cancers

– Reduced risk of being overweight.

This is due to the low intake of saturated fat and the high intake of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Many of these are high in fiber and phytochemicals. Photochemicals are components of plant foods that have a positive effect on the body. 1

Vegan supplementen: Omega 3

Vegan supplements: Omega 3 in a vegan diet

Omega-3 fatty acids are polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids have an essential effect and positive influence on the body. We know three of them:

– Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)

– Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA)

– Docosahexaenoid acid (DHA)

Vegans consume the same amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) as omnivores. Alpha-linolenic acid is an omega-3 acid that is mainly found in seeds such as linseed, walnuts, chia seed, hemp seed and olive oil.

Vegans consume the same amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) as omnivores. Alpha-linolenic acid is an omega-3 acid that is mainly found in seeds such as linseed, walnuts, chia seed, hemp seed and olive oil.

Omega 3 deficiency in a vegan diet

The deficiency arises in the long-chain fatty acids DHA and EPA. This is because ALA is insufficiently converted (only 5%) to DHA and EPA. DHA and EPA are its essential omega-3 fatty acids that are responsible for:

– Supporting the brain

– Protect the retina

– Supporting (the development of) cell membranes

– Help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

– Help reduce the risk of chronic diseases. 1

According to research, compared to omnivores, vegans have an average of 40 to 50% less DHA and EPA fatty acids in the plasma, blood, and tissues. Scientific research also shows that only a small part of ALA in the body is converted to EPA, and hardly to DHA. 2


Want to learn more about the health benefits of omega-3? Read more here.

Omega 3 vegan supplements

One solution to this deficiency could be taking omega 3 vegan supplements. A plant-based alternative to EPA and DHA omega-3 is the use of certain algae.

Omega 3 vegan supplements: algae vs. Fish oil in vegan supplements

The vast majority of fish populations in the oceans are severely overfished. As a result, it is hardly justifiable from an ecological point of view as an ethics to use fish oil as a dietary supplement or vegan supplements. Even commercial fish farming is not a solution. Large-scale fishmeal is used as feed, which means that the overfishing of the oceans is maintained. Antibiotics are also used to prevent the outbreak of diseases. In addition, fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel contain toxins (fish toxins). Fish oil from commercially farmed fish is therefore not recommended as a dietary supplement. 3 Vegan supplements are a better alternative for this.

What do omega 3 vegan supplements consist of?

Algae are fish-free: they are plant organisms. Fish eat krill, the krill eat algae, some of which contain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. By directly taking this algae (in the form of omega 3 vegan supplements) you do not contribute to animal suffering and you get a natural form of EPA and DHA.

Kala health uses the algae Schizochytrium, which produces EPA and DHA itself. It is a big step forward because we are no longer dependent on fish oil. The cultivation takes place under controlled conditions, and yields a clean and pure oil that is rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. This makes the algae oil in omega 3 vegan supplements much better (and more sustainable) than fish oil!


Kala Health’s omega 3 vegan supplements  (algae oil capsules) are produced according to the highest quality standards and are 100% vegetable.

Are you interested in omega 3 vegan supplements in the form of algae oil? See more information here.

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