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OptiMSM® Gel

OptiMSM® Gel

  • Quickly absorbed by the skin
  • Free of synthetic fragrances and dyes
  • Based on the formula that has been used by Dr Stanley Jacob for years



OptiMSM® Gel

Our Kala Health MSM Gel is based on the formula that has been used by Dr Stanley Jacob for decades now. Dr. Jacob developed this gel because he realised that MSM consists of a small molecule that is quickly absorbed by the skin. Order our MSM gel quickly and easily through our web store.

The skin

MSM gel is applied to the skin. The so-called epidermis protects the outside of our body from the environment. Located directly under the epidermis is the so-called dermis. This is a thin layer that is responsible for the skin’s elasticity and firmness. To this end, two sulphur-containing proteins form fibrous structures: elastin and collagen. Collagen is the main component (70%) of the skin’s connective tissue. While collagen provides more firmness, elastin is responsible for flexibility. While we are young, the skin contains plenty of elastin and collagen in order to keep it young (supple and firm). After the age of 25, collagen production steadily declines. This causes the skin to age. Wrinkles appear and the skin becomes more slack. Hair and nails also contain some collagen, but they are mainly made up of keratin. This is a tough protein with a high sulfur content.

Cross linking

Bundles of collagen fibres provide the skin’s connective tissue with its strength. These fibres are connected to each other by means of so-called sulfur bridges. The sulfur bridges, in turn, are formed by a sulfur-containing amino acid called cysteine, which is abundant in collagen. Two cysteine amino acids in different fibres can form a sulfur bridge, connecting them. The nature and number of such bridges determine the flexibility and firmness of the connective tissue. When this normal structure is disturbed, new sulfur bridges can form in unnatural places. This is referred to as ‘cross linking’. Cross linking can occur, for example, after skin injury. The skin repairs itself by creating many new compounds, which cause the skin in this spot to become harder than the rest. This creates a scar.

MSM gel dosage

This gel does not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes. You should apply the MSM gel several times a day on clean skin. Massage the gel into the skin using your hand until it feels dry. Always keep the MSM gel out of reach of children. Store the gel sealed and in a dark, room-temperature place. Order your gel directly by going to our web store.


Aqua, Methylsulfonylmethane, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium benzoate.

Storage: Store sealed and in a dark, room-temperature place outs of reach of children.

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