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Supplements for joint pain: Glucosamine chrondroitin & MSM

Supplements for joint pain: Glucosamine chrondroitin & MSM

Do you want to keep your joints flexible? Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM products from Kala Health have been scientifically proven to work.

Why take glucosamine chondroitin & MSM supplements?

For those who like to keep joints flexible

Do you prioritize maintaining flexible joints in your body? Then it is probably best to take glucosamine chondroitin & MSM. Dozens of scientific studies with animals and humans have shown that adding glucosamine and chondroitin to the diet has a positive effect on the joints. The results of the Glucosamine Chondroitin Intervention Trial (GAIT) published in 2005 show that glucosamine, chondroitin & MSM reinforce each other’s effect and together help with serious joint complaints. The GAIT study is the most rigorous study ever conducted in this area. The year-long study involved 1,258 patients with knee osteoarthritis, who were followed by rheumatologists at 16 rheumatology centers in the United States.

At Kala Health you can get glucosamine chondroitin & MSM. We have both Movement Plus glucosamine (also vegan) capsules and Natural Mobility glucosamine tablets of the best quality glucosamine chondroitin & MSM at the best price. You can read more about it below.

What is glucosamine chondroitin & MSM?

Because of the important role that glucosamine plays as a building block of cartilage, it has been used for decades to prevent and combat osteoarthritis and is registered as a medicine in more than 60 countries.

Glucosamine consists of 2 essential proteins:

Proteoglycans: bind water, the water ensures that the cartilage is firm and can absorb shocks

Hyaluronic acid: a lubricant for the joint, and a means of transport for the nourishment of the cartilage

For the glucosamine chondroitin & MSM formula, we also add MSM, which has great benefits:

MSM: anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Sulfur, which is a major component of MSM, plays an important role in making collagen and glucosamine, both of which are vital for healthy bones and joints.

Chondroitin and glucosamine are produced by the body itself and form an important building block of the cartilage in the joints.

Glucosamine can help protect cartilage. Glusocamine does this by preventing cartilage from breaking down. If you have painful joints, it can help strengthen and lubricate your cartilage. Scientific research shows that glucosamine chondroitin works. But it does differ per type of glucosamine and which joints are affected.


As a molecule, glucosamine is not very stable and is therefore converted into a ‘salt’ by linking to other compounds. The most well-known glucosamine salts are:

– Glucosamine sulfate.2KCl

– Glucosamine sulfate.NaCl

– Glucosamine HCl


The form of glucosamine that scientifically proved to be the most effective is Glucosamine-HCl. A major advantage of this form of glucosamine is that it is available both as shellfish and from a plant-based source. It is completely vegetarian and suitable for vegans or people with shellfish allergies. Other forms of glucosamine are mainly obtained from shellfish. According to several studies, the best dosage for glucosamine is a dosage of 1500 mg. The positive effect of glucosamine and chondroitin is no secret: Rheumatologists therefore regularly prescribe this remedy to their patients.

Kala Health exercise products: best price/quality ratio


The Movement products from Kala Health are always of the best quality. We use the expertise of leading international scientists to develop our products. In addition, we only use branded ingredients of top pharmaceutical quality for our products that are tested in renowned, independent laboratories. The efficacy of the ingredients of our products has therefore always been scientifically proven. So you can be sure that you are buying our glucosamine chondroitin capsules and tablets for the best price.

Learn more about glucosamine chondroitin & MSM?

Do you have any questions about glucosamine chondroitin Glucosamine chrondroitin & MSM? Or would you like to receive more information about it? Then please contact us. Call tel: +31 3450290 or send us an email at

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