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Vitamin E: absorption and supplements

Where can vitamin E be found?

What foods can you absorb vitamin E from? Vitamin E is found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, fatty fish, whole grains, some vegetables (such as spinach) and fruits.

Unfortunalety, vitamin E is generally not well absorbed in the body. Research has shown that taking a vitamin E capsule with a fatty meal slightly improves absorption, but not enough.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E T8

The vitamin E T8 Complete from Kala Health is produced with a unique and patented ‘self-emulsifying delivery’ system. This means that the fat-soluble nutrients in the capsule vitamin e

E form small spheres (’emulsion’) on their own in the gastrointestinal tract. These fat globules are absorbed quickly and efficiently. The results of this research show that thanks to this system, the absorption of vitamin E is improved by 250%!

Our E-T8 consists of tocopherol (T) and tocotrienol (T3). Thanks to high vacuum/low temperature distillation, it is free of GEs, PAHs and CPs. In addition, our vitamin E is made with sustainable palm oil, it is RSPO certified, and MSPO certified. We also work with local small farmers to make palm oil production more sustainable.



Do you have any questions? Or would you like to know more about Kala Health’s vitamin E? Please feel free to contact us. Call 0703450290 or send us an email at We are happy to tell you more about our vitamin E.

Vitamin E

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